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Corex Recycling: Website Announcement

April 22, 2020

Corex Recycling, environmental and recycling arm of Corex Group, has launched their first website following large advancements in their polymer capability. Under the new capabilities, Corex Recycling aims to further target existing material streams involving all Corex Plastics, PP and HD-PE product, while also expanding to specialised polymers such as ABS.

Together with the Corex Group, Corex Recycling continues to be dedicated in helping design Corex Plastics product to be sustainable from the source. This involvement further incapsulate notions of the circular economy and our focus on a sustainable future for the Corex Group and our stakeholders.

Please click the link below if you would like to find out more about Corex Recycling and their programs and services.



About Corex Recycling

Corex Recycling is a Melbourne based plastic recycler specializing in PP, HDPE, PS, ABS and other material solutions. Associated within the Corex Group, Corex Recycling operates with over 30 years of expertise and knowledge within the plastics industry. These experiences have helped promote sustainable solutions for all Corex products and other plastic materials.


For further material and service enquiries

William Lehnacker

Sourcing Specialist, Corex Recycling

Email: WillL@corex.net.au